Cushla Geck – Principal Osteopath


Cushla’s interest in health care started at an early age. She was introduced to Osteopathy during high school, and her interest and passion for her career have only grown. Cushla has a Master of Osteopathy and a Postgraduate Certificate in Western Medical Acupuncture. She graduated as the top student in the clinical component of the Master of Osteopathy and has completed her thesis on the link between Pain Management and Resistance Training.

With eight years of experience as a physical rehabilitation specialist, Cushla has a strong interest in injury prevention and active recovery, especially for shoulders, lower back, hip and pelvic conditions. Her passion lies with assisting people of all ages and conditions back to full function, both with manual therapy and by encouraging them to take an active role in their rehabilitation.

Cushla also has an active role in supporting the Osteopathic community of New Zealand.


Qualification Details:
-Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology)
-Master of Osteopathy
-Post Graduate Certificate in Western Acupuncture


ACC Registered Treatment Provider

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