Back Pain Pukekohe Waiuku Papakura

You’re not alone with back pain.

Over 80% of New Zealander’s will experience back pain in their lifetime, so chances are you are one of them. There can be various triggers, from injuries such as whiplash or a slipped disc, to slouching in chairs and bad posture, and although its most commonly felt in the lower back, it can be felt…

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Migraine Headache Osteopath Pukekohe Waiuku Papakura


Headaches are a really common complaint, 85% of the population in a given year will experience one. Usually they come and go, occasionally they can linger for days, weeks and months and may remain constant or may be reoccurring. This can make life miserable for the sufferer. Temporary relief is often sought through pain medications.…

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Active Osteopath Posture

Good Posture: Why should we bother?

Your posture provides the foundation for every movement your body makes and can determine how well the body adapts to the variety of stresses placed on it. In many cases, posture is also an important factor in addressing complaints ranging from hip pain to headaches. For example, it is a fact that many people with…

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