Joel Moses - Osteopath

Joel Moses – Associate Osteopath

Joel is an NZ trained Osteopath and has a special interest in the management of workplace and sports injuries, where he takes a tailored approach to each patient’s individual needs. He practices a combination of hands-on osteopathic techniques and is a firm believer in the importance of self-management and exercise therapy for an effective approach to recovery.


Patients who see Joel can expect him to provide them with an understanding of the likely causes of their symptoms as well as what they can do to help themselves improve more quickly and effectively.


In his spare time, he enjoys keeping fit by running and exploring the wonderful outdoors. He also enjoys cooking and spending time with family and friends. In his downtime, he likes to relax by playing the piano and listening to podcasts.


Qualification Details:
-Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology)
-Master of Osteopathy


ACC Registered Provider

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