Kate – Associate Osteopath

M.Ost.  Osteopath


As a structural osteopath trained at the University College of Osteopathy, Kate uses a wide range of manual therapy techniques to help to reduce her patients’ symptoms. These include soft tissue work, joint articulation and manipulation, neurodynamic, muscle energy and Still techniques.

Kate is interested in working with complex presentations when the pain/discomfort is persistent. She also enjoys working with acute pains/injuries and general aches and tension in the body.

She uses a holistic approach in her practice. In addition to diagnosing and giving hands-on treatments, Katherine is happy to provide her patients with lifestyle advice, a detailed explanation of their condition, and an appropriate exercise programme when needed.

She is an attentive listener and always tries to understand pain experiences and how they affect her patient’s life. This approach helps build an effective treatment/management plan to promote health and restore patients’ autonomy and ability to participate in previously enjoyed activities.

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